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Equipping patients to handle tasks independently

Self-service capabilities enable patients to access and complete actions by themselves, making operations faster and freeing staff up to focus on other priorities. Rectangle Health’s technology solutions offer easy-to-use self-service options to help your office experience better efficiency and to ensure that your patients get what they need.

With interactive self-service interfaces, patients can navigate these essential actions easily with minimal effort from front office staff:

  • Digital registration
  • Online and mobile payments

Our digital self-service patient registration solution enables patients to access forms and submit information before their appointments. Digital patient registration frees your staff up from handling paper forms and clipboards, saves time in the waiting room, and lets patients fill out forms at their own convenience. Office staff can simply email or text a link to patients ahead of their visit that will guide them through filling out all the information that your practice needs:

  • Demographic and medical history information
  • Insurance information
  • Credit card information to be placed on file

With our self-service payment technology, patients can pay balances after their care at their own convenience. To enable payments through self-service, Rectangle Health creates a unique payment link to add to your website. You can customize the payment page to match your branding, and if you have more than one location, patients can select their location from a list of options. Whenever patients need to pay a bill, they can follow the link to a secure, user-friendly interface. This technology enables:

  • Online payments
  • Text to Pay

Text to Pay leverages online payment functionality to make it possible for staff to send balance information and a payment link directly to a patient’s mobile device. Using the online payment gateway and mobile-friendly checkout page, patients can make simple payments through their phones.


The majority of patients want user-friendly digital payment options that are easy to understand and access.1

Our patient self-service solutions benefit all providers.

Medical practices and healthcare organizations

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Dental practices and Dental Service Organizations

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Ophthalmology, veterinary, and all other specialties

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Solution highlights


Text to Pay

Make it simple for patients to pay their balance directly from their mobile devices through a text payment link.

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Online Payments

Easily add a payment link to your website and share the link with patients so that they can make convenient payments.

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Card on File

Enable patients to securely enter their payment information and place their card on file before their visit using a secure digital form.

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Digital Registration

Send our HIPAA-compliant digital registration forms to patients ahead of visits so that they can submit their own demographic, insurance, and medical history information.

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Automation Customer Experience

With automated patient self-service processes, you can accomplish more in less time and conserve resources, cutting down on processing time and labor costs. Automating payments and registration also improves the accuracy of information, as it enters your system directly from the patient.

When you deliver more visibility into the administrative process, decreased touchpoints, and a user-friendly interface, your patients get an overall smoother and more convenient experience with your practice.

“It’s less I have to think about, and I can focus on the patient.”

Dr. Nocerino, owner and dentist at Michael Nocerino & Associates, worked with other payment providers in the past but switched to Rectangle Health because of their experience working with healthcare providers. Find out about what he considers the benefits of working with Rectangle Health and what else he is working to add to his current system.

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1Of 2,000 patients surveyed in The Healthcare Innovation Playbook, January 2021, produced by and Rectangle Health.