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Patient Scheduling

Rectangle Health makes patient scheduling simple for everyone.

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Rectangle Health make’s patient scheduling simple for everyone.

Make it easy for patients to book their own appointments any time of day, any day of the year by including ‘Schedule Now’ or ‘Request an Appointment’ links in specified notifications and reminders, as well as on your website and social media pages.

With Patient scheduling, you have control over when patients can book appointments and how long they need for each appointment type, on a per provider basis. Appointment Types and Reasons can also be grouped into categories called Schedulable Events. Each Schedulable Event can contain its own set of rules for patient self-scheduling.

Features and Benefits

Technology that transforms

Online Patient Scheduling

Including Rectangle Health-provided Schedule Now links on your website, email newsletters, and social media pages makes it easy for patients to book or request their own appointments any time of day, any day of the year. Easily configured setup options ensure that patients book with the right provider and for the right length of time.

Technology that transforms

Recall Notifications

Automatically notify patients when they are due for continuing-care appointments using your practice- specific scheduling and delivery preferences. Patients can easily book or request appointments using Rectangle Health-provided Schedule Now links and can text-chat with your staff if they have questions.

Technology that transforms

Patient Reactivation

Rectangle Health identifies patients who are overdue for appointments by monitoring patients’ visit history and recall schedules, and automatically notifies them of their need to set appointments and keep their healthcare on track. Patients can book or request appointments using Schedule Now links.

Technology that transforms

Auto Rescheduling

Automate the time-consuming task of rescheduling patients after appointment cancellations and no-shows occur. Rectangle Health’s Auto-Rescheduling feature intelligently detects these events and automatically contacts patients to help them get rescheduled without relying on your staff’s intervention. Patients can conveniently self-schedule or request new appointments using Schedule Now links delivered via text or email.

Technology that transforms

Waitlist Management

This tool detects cancellations in your schedule and automatically fills the vacant spots. Customizable settings ensure that patients will always book the appropriate type of appointment, with the right provider, and for the proper length of time. Use our top-of-the-list management capabilities to offer high-priority patients the first slots.

Technology that transforms

Fill My Schedule Now

Maximize revenue for your practice by filling empty slots in your schedule using Rectangle Health’s automated appointment generation tool. Fill My Schedule Now adheres to rigid rules, only contacting patients that match the exact parameters you set. Patients can easily find, select, and self-book their own appointment 24/7 without staff assistance, making it convenient for them and time saving for you.

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