Appointment notifications

Appointment Notifications

Automate a series of notifications to reduce your no-show rate.

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Follow-up calls to remind patients of appointments are time consuming.

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Use our platform to create a series of notifications to confirm and remind patients of upcoming appointments. Options in the series are customizable for each appointment type and include:

Booked Confirmations

Patients expect to receive immediate confirmation of their appointment after it’s booked; they can be left wondering and become anxious when they don’t. Once the details have been finalized, we send an email or text confirmation to the patient shortly after the appointment has been booked.

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Booked appointment
7 day reminder

An Early Reminder

Typically delivered seven (7) days prior to an appointment. These are helpful when appointments are scheduled well in advance or when ample notice is needed for completing pre-appointment requirements such as lab work.

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The Primary Reminder

Typically delivered two (2) days before an appointment. It can be highly personalized with specific instructions for the patient based on provider, location, and/or appointment type.

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2 day reminder
Day before reminder

The Day Before

Typically delivered the day before an appointment, and always after the Primary Reminder. The Nudge can be sent to patients who have not previously confirmed or canceled and reinforces the importance of their response.

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The Day Of

Typically delivered the morning of the appointment. This reminder is great for patients who might have forgotten their appointment, despite previous reminder(s).

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Day of reminder

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