Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Paper — and cash — are becoming obsolete. Rectangle Health has the right angle on healthcare provider payment systems, processing and cost-effective operations.

Over the past century, the science of medicine has evolved exponentially.  The skill of healthcare payments and processing have been evolving over the past 25 years — with Rectangle Health. Rectangle Health offers healthcare providers payment options — from debit and credit card to electronic checks and ACH payments — to help maintain efficient cost-effective operations while building patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Debit Cards

Accepting debit cards and accepting debit card processing provide benefits to healthcare providers.

Debit vs. Credit Cards 

Debit card acceptance is generally interchangeable with that of credit cards, but there are significant differences between the two payment cards.

While credit cards offer consumers a loan of the card issuer’s money that allows them to buy now and pay later, debit cards are linked directly to the cardholder’s bank account, and an automatic deduction is made for each purchase made.

PIN debit cards require the cardholder enter a personal identification number at the point of sale to complete the transaction. Signature debit cards, such as credit cards, require the cardholder’s signature on the sales receipt to validate the purchase.

Benefits of Debit Cards 

Healthcare providers that accept debit card payment cards benefit in a variety of ways:

  • By accepting credit and debit cards, healthcare providers meet patient expectations to pay easily and quickly.

  • Accepting credit and debit cards reduce healthcare provider’s expense and time spent billing and collecting.

  • Debit and credit card transactions allow practices to compete more effectively in the marketplace.

Credit Cards

Healthcare providers that accept credit card payments benefit by meeting patient expectations to pay quickly and conveniently. Accepting credit cards also reduces provider’s expense and time spent billing and collecting, as well as assisting in deductible and severe debt management.

Rectangle Health’s processing services accept most major credit cards including Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, Discover® and UnionPay®.

We also accept credit card payment and work seamlessly with cards and electronic checks. We offer comprehensive point-of-sale PIN-based and signature debit card processing solutions, as well as EBT card acceptance, Wright Express® and Voyager® Fleet card acceptance and open and closed loop prepaid debit card solutions.


Rectangle Health offers electronic check processing services through CrossCheck®, which provides electronic processing and settlement of checks at point-of-sale. This comprehensive program accepts electronic checks and provides check verification and guarantee, electronic check conversion (ECC) with imaging, reimbursement for returned checks, business check conversion and multi-check acceptance with one of the highest approval rates in the industry.

Rectangle Health offers four CrossCheck programs in order to ensure accurate, safe electronic check processing:

  • Standard Verification: Check approval available via a POS terminal, website or telephone. The healthcare providers deposits approved paper check at the bank and is responsible for lost funds on returned checks.

  • Standard Guarantee: In addition to the standard verification, CrossCheck reimburses healthcare provider for lost funds on returned checks.

  • Premium Verification: A paper check is electronically converted for deposit through a check imager connected to a POS terminal or a PC using the CrossCheck website or desktop application. If the check is returned, the healthcare provider is responsible for lost funds.

  • Premium Guarantee: A paper check is electronically converted for deposit through a check imager connected to a POS terminal or a PC using the CrossCheck website or desktop application. Healthcare providers keep funds regardless of funds availability.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are network branded and reloadable and can be used with any healthcare provider that accepts those brands.

Popular with consumers, personal-use prepaid cards complement debit and credit cards already in their wallets and are a readily accessible and safe alternative to carrying cash. Since they carry the widely accepted Visa® and Mastercard® logos, healthcare providers that accept credit cards can process them in payment just as they would a network-branded credit or debit card.

ACH Payments

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network for domestic financial transactions that processes large volumes of credit and debit transactions in batches. ACH payment processing services electronically debit a user’s bank account instead of using paper checks.

ACH processing services from Rectangle Health complement traditional payment card processing services. We provide both traditional and internet-based healthcare providers the opportunity to offer their patients an additional payment option.

Adding ACH payments benefits healthcare providers by opening up payment acceptance options beyond credit and debit cards. ACH payments offer your non-payment-card patients a friction-free alternative that allows them to pay for purchases directly out of their checking or savings accounts.

Like checks, ACH payments take time to clear and may bounce, but they can be a useful alternative for healthcare providers who want to offer a comprehensive selection of payment options to patients.

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

Electronic benefits transfers from the government are administered via payment cards to tens of millions of recipients each month. Participating programs include SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps), Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF) and general state-sponsored programs such as unemployment and energy assistance benefits.

Rectangle Health Guarantee

If you don’t see a dramatic reduction in accounts receivable balance after a few months of instituting our full program, we’ll take the entire system back at no charge to you.