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Payment Processing for Medical Providers

Payment solutions to increase patient payments and reduce costs.

  • Streamline your payment system and rest easier with secure payment processing for medical practices.
  • Seamless interfacing with practice management systems, electronic health records (EHRs) and revenue cycle management (RCM) programs
  • Provide greater ease of use to both patients and staff members
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“Rectangle Health knows healthcare.”

Therapy Specialists of Oklahoma chose Rectangle Health because of their vast experience working with providers across the healthcare industry. Since partnering with Rectangle Health, Therapy Specialists has seen improvements in patient experience, front office efficiency, and cash flow. Sam Zantout, co-owner of Therapy Specialists, recommends Rectangle Health to his colleagues and considers the ease and benefits of Rectangle Health to be priceless.

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Advantages of Medical Provider Payment Processing

No matter how big your healthcare practice is — and regardless of how many locations, Rectangle Health provides solutions to increase patient payments and reduce costs.

Increase Patient Payments and Satisfaction

Patients are more likely to pay healthcare providers when they are provided convenient payment options. Rectangle Health’s solutions make it easy for patients to pay large balances as well as ensure that they don’t leave the office without a form of payment on file. Our system delivers electronic signature capture to contract for outstanding balances with our proprietary healthcare forms.

Our integrated system makes the process efficient, providing patients payment options to pay via text, portal, kiosk, etc., with the ability to use credit cards and Apple, Android, or Samsung Pay at point of service.

Improve Revenue Cycle Management

Rectangle Health helps streamline self-pay payment processing and reconciliation enabling practitioners to process payments at a single point of entry. These methods can help reduce amounts in accounts receivable and avoid the additional administrative costs of sending paper statements. In turn, you can improve your revenue cycle management by boosting cash flow and payment consistency.

Securely Store Payment Information

At Rectangle Health, we help you store patient payment information for future visits and create automated payment plans on our secure servers, which utilize advanced security methods to protect patient payment data. Get peace of mind knowing your patients’ data is protected in a system that is fully compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

Flexible Payment Options

Rectangle Health enables physicians and dentists to accept all payment types, including credit, ACH, mobile, EMV, NFC and Apple Pay at the point of care, phone, mail, email or via your website. More medical payment processing options make it easier for patients to pay, and that means they’re more likely to do so, helping you maintain consistent cash flow.

Reduce Costs

Rectangle Health’s integrated system creates the most efficient payment process and yields high patient collection percentages by reducing multiple patient statements and related costs with no implementation or integration fees.

Quick Access to Cash

Rectangle Health’s automated process provides quick access to cash and reduced time spent in accounts receivable. Credit card transactions are cleared the next day; checks within three days. Patient payment information can also be captured and used for recurring payments.

Reduce Liability Concerns

Reduce your liability for lost or stolen patient payment information by eliminating those files from your system. Rectangle Health fully protects patient cardholder details within a data storage service that is entirely PCI-compliant. Full compliance means providers can spend less time triple-checking payments or worrying about security and more time focused on patient care.