Payment Processing for Healthcare Providers

Payment solutions to increase patient payments and reduce costs.

  • Exclusive solutions providing an integrated, efficient system that will increase patient payments and reduce costs.
  • Our powerful data-driven Practice Management Bridge® unites all points of payment and solves problematic workflows.
  • Web-based, patented technology seamlessly integrates with your practice’s systems to provide a better patient experience.
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“That’s a huge peace of mind for owners.”

With yearly patient billing numbers in the eight-figure range and an outdated payment process, Scott Sabolich Prosthetics needed technology to automate their billing and payment workflow in order to reduce A/R and increase staff efficiency. Rectangle Health provided an all-in-one solution to their problems and worked with Scott Sabolich Prosthetics to increase their cash flow and achieve numbers that they had not seen since the 2000s.

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Features and Benefits

Rectangle Health gives you the tools to increase payments at the time of service, streamline your work flow and improve patient satisfaction.

Advantages for Your Healthcare Business

  • Optimize cash flow with a frictionless patient payment experience
  • Leverage across all your locations and bridge multiple systems for consolidated reporting
  • Merge disparate systems for a streamlined workflow
  • Reduced liability concerns with HIPAA & PCI DSS Compliance

Advantages for Your Staff

  • Interface seamlessly with any practice management system, EHR/EMR and RCM. Work in one system, all day long
  • Save staff time with auto-posting functionality, reducing hard copy records and potential errors
  • Store encrypted payment information for future use
  • Capture digital signatures for patient intake forms and email receipts

Advantages for Your Patients

  • Provide payment flexibility with online access and automatic recurring and scheduled payments
  • Offer all payment options, including cards, contactless payments and electronic checks
  • Payment convenience – point of service, contactless, mobile, kiosk, text to pay, and online portal

Additional Features

  • Complete digitization. With electronic signatures and other digitization features, you can do away with cumbersome paper statements and minimize the chance of errors or damage to hard-copy records.
  • Industry-standard security compliance. Rectangle Health complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Payment Card Industry Digital Service Standard (PCI DSS) for secure data handling.
  • Fast card processing. Rectangle Health can accelerate your payment cycle by processing card payments quickly. They are typically processed within 24 hours, far ahead of the industry’s two- to three-day standard.
  • Easier balancing of accounts receivable. Easier payment methods can increase a patient’s likelihood of paying. Since they can pay online, automatically via text or on the app without staff assistance, the program also frees up employees to spend their time focused on patient care, rather than following up on payments.