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Partners in Payment Processing

The healthcare industry is growing rapidly, presenting diverse opportunities to make a difference in patients’ lives. Over the past two decades, we’ve recognized that healthcare payment processing is a common obstacle for many organizations and their billing and administrative staff.

At Rectangle Health, our mission is to innovate and solve patient payment processing and free up time for providers to deliver quality care. In developing our proprietary platform, Practice Management Bridge®, we’ve built a solution that integrates seamlessly with other management systems, health records and payment gateways.

Practice Management Bridge is our cutting-edge technology that boosts office efficiency and drives revenue for healthcare providers. It offers numerous convenient, contactless payment options for patients. Additionally, it features layers of automation to connect the digital services that healthcare providers are most familiar with.

We work within a wide variety of healthcare fields, including dentistry, medical and specialty practices. We also offer industry expertise in how to best market payment solutions to potential clients. We offer benefits and growth opportunities to groups that feel passionate about sharing our solutions.

Types of Partnerships With Rectangle Health

Rectangle Health offers two ways to form a partnership. We have opportunities shaped around your unique contributions, whether you’re an organization or association involved in finance, medical services, healthcare technologies or the support of other care practices.

As a referral partner, you can earn incentives for actively marketing our platform. If you have a client within your network that could use Practice Management Bridge to help streamline their administration processes, refer them to us. Our team will manage the rest.

We also work with distribution partners. Our team provides all the resources necessary for you to share Practice Management Bridge’s solutions with healthcare providers. We’ll give your team members the sales and implementation training for our platform so you can help providers receive payments and communicate more effectively with patients.

Why Partner With Rectangle Health?

Leveraging more than 25 years of experience in payment processing technologies, we understand what today’s busy practices need to deliver a secure, reliable platform to staff and patients. We’ll help you every step of the way as you incorporate our services and solutions into your portfolio.

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