contactless options and convenient payment tools

Payment Processing Solutions for Fertility Clinics

  • Enhance patient collections and accelerate the revenue cycle.
  • Provide patients with digital, consumer-friendly payment experiences.
  • Maintain a safe environment by minimizing patient-staff physical contact through contactless payment options.
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The anxiety patients feel around fertility financing and IVF costs should not be a barrier to exploring fertility options. Payment options for fertility treatments, such as the convenience of card-on-file, allow both patient and provider the freedom to concentrate on outcomes rather than how to pay for IVF treatment.  In addition, some patients want to take advantage of on-the-go payment options, such as payments from mobile devices.

How It Works


Rectangle Health offers payment processing solutions that accelerate the revenue cycle and offer the clinic administrative process efficiency. Through our proprietary Practice Management Bridge® platform, clinics benefit from the automation of patient payment information and our system allows you to track, manage, report, and reconcile payments across your entire organization. We can also help keep track of multiple patient forms and consents that require signatures.

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