Veterinary Payment Processing

Veterinary Payment Processing

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) estimates that people spent $18.26 billion on veterinary bills in 2018 alone. Both veterinary practices and their patients’ families need easy-to-manage and convenient veterinary payment processing options to handle pet healthcare costs.

For owners, their pets’ health is both a financial and emotional issue. People with pets need and want financial options to give their pets the best care possible. Veterinary payment plans can help families plan for routine care and offer options at times of unexpected health events.

Veterinary wellness payment plans can ensure pets receive the care they need with predictable costs. Packaged health-checks, vaccinations and procedures allow owners to make better health decisions and can include various combinations of:

  • Annual wellness exams

  • Vaccinations

  • Routine blood and fecal testing

  • Dental cleanings

  • Nail trims

  • Preventative medicines

  • Microchipping

  • Spaying and neutering


Rectangle Health will give your veterinary practice the flexibility to create custom veterinary wellness payment plans and help pet families pay for unexpected care – improving the health outcomes of their patients as well as enhance customer satisfaction.

Veterinary payment processing solutions need to work efficiently with vet practice management systems. They require the flexibility of taking patient payments at time-of-service, online and via text, and offer payment plan options.

Practice Management Bridge

Our proprietary Practice Management Bridge® creates more consistent payments, resulting in increased payment processing efficiency and stable cash flow. We integrate with any practice management system and our functionality is an attribute no other enterprise can match in size or scale. Additionally, working with our integrated system allows you to track, manage, report and reconcile payment information across your organization.

The latest technology for veterinary payment processing can go a long way to help an organization’s overall collections. However, there are also practices and procedures successful organizations can employ to keep their revenue cycle moving and increase cash flow.

Some Strategies Include:

Rectangle Health Guarantee

If you don’t see a dramatic reduction in accounts receivable balance after a few months of instituting our full program, we’ll take the entire system back at no charge to you.