Credit Card Processing for Fertility Clinics and Reproductive Health Practices

Credit Card Processing for Fertility Clinics and Reproductive Health Practices

The cost of infertility

For many patients, figuring out how to pay for IVF treatment can add a layer of stress to the challenges of dealing with infertility. Payment options, such as IVF payment plans, are sometimes the only way patients can fund the cost of treatment. A recent study asked those seeking IVF to track their out-of-pocket payments over 18 months.

On average, expenses added up to a little under $20,000 for a single cycle and included not only the IVF treatment itself but also the costs of monitoring and medication. Patients requiring additional cycles of treatment spent, on average, almost $7,000 per cycle.

Costs associated with other fertility procedures can be a barrier to care as well. Egg freezing has become more popular over recent years as women wait longer to start families. According to a leading website for information about infertility and its treatments, the average cost of freezing eggs is between $15,000 – $20,000 per cycle and patients often choose to have at least two cycles.

Although many companies have responded to increased demand for this procedure by adding it to their insurance benefits, there are still many employers that do not, which means patients are looking for ways to fund treatment through egg freezing payment options.

The cost of reproductive health

For many young women, reproductive health is their primary health need and their principal reason for healthcare spending.

Although some reproductive health visits are considered preventative care, women in their twenties are less likely to have health insurance – because they are no longer in school, too old to be on their parents’ policy, working part-time or in jobs that fail to provide health benefits.

Recent changes in the law will most likely drive many people to drop their health plans as well. Many patients need a financial solution, such as reproductive health payment plans, to help them shoulder the costs of care.

According to the Center for American Progress, uninsured women can pay more than $1,200 annually for the costs associated with oral contraceptives and related doctors’ appointments. Other forms of contraception can be expensive as well; for example, some IUDs cost over $1600 for the healthcare visit and device. Reproductive health payment plans are central to the financial health of many practices.


The anxiety patients feel around fertility financing and IVF costs should not be a barrier to exploring fertility options. Provider-managed payment programs make good business sense, attract new patients to the practice and increase patient satisfaction. Payment options for fertility treatments, such as monthly IVF payment plans and the convenience of credit-card-on-file, allow both patient and provider the freedom to concentrate on outcomes rather than how to pay for IVF treatment.

It is common for women to utilize payment plans to help pay for their reproductive health as well. In addition, younger patients increasingly want to take advantage of on-the-go payment options, such as payments from mobile devices. Reproductive health organizations that provide opportunities for payment through multiple channels see a decrease in days in accounts receivable and spend less money overall on collections.

Practice Management Bridge

Our proprietary Practice Management Bridge® integrates with any practice management system – creating consistent payments, increased payment processing efficiency and stable cash flow. The functionality of Practice Management Bridge is a unique advantage that other companies cannot match in size or scale. Plus, our integrated system allows you to track, manage, report and reconcile payments across your whole organization.

Convenient credit card processing for fertility clinics and reproductive health practices significantly enhances patient collections and accelerates the revenue cycle. The latest technology for IVF payment plans, reproductive health payment plans and egg freezing payment options greatly decrease the administrative burden for providers, making them a cost-effective addition to traditional payment channels. Many successful practices also provide advice to their patients about how to explore financial options outside of what their organization offers.

Some Strategies Include:

Rectangle Health Guarantee

If you don’t see a dramatic reduction in accounts receivable balance after a few months of instituting our full program, we’ll take the entire system back at no charge to you.