Rectangle Health Provider Programs

Provider Payment Processing Solutions

Increase collections, reduce labor and boost patient satisfaction with payment options that seamlessly integrate with your workflows.

Medical Practice Payment Processing

We help both large and small medical practices align the business of healthcare with patient care. Our credit card processing systems increase collections, reduce accounts receivable (A/R) and boost patient satisfaction by virtually eliminating human payment posting errors.

Dental Practice Payment Processing

Out-of-pocket costs for dental and orthodontic procedures are a higher percentage of overall reimbursement than for other sectors of healthcare. Convenient and flexible patient payment options are a vital part of keeping patient A/R in check.

Hospital Payment Processing

Our proprietary payment technology combines with existing claims management and accounting systems to produce best-practice payment performance metrics. Plus, automated payment processing streamlines workflows, saves labor and increases posting accuracy.

Ophthalmology  Payment Processing

Ophthalmology billing has several challenges. Not only do business offices need to collect from both vision and medical insurance, but high patient out-of-pocket costs can drastically affect revenue. With payments coming in from so many sources, efficient and accurate payment processing is essential.

Orthopedic  Payment Processing

As reimbursements from insurance companies start to dwindle, patients are looking for affordable and flexible payment options to pay off their balances. Help your patients and your bottom line with payment plans that keep your patients happy and accounts receivable up-to-date

Radiology  Payment Processing

Patient payments are a significant revenue stream for many radiology groups, especially after new year deductible resets. Convenient and flexible payment options can encourage patients to get the scans, tests or treatments they need.

Reproductive Medicine  Payment Processing

Reproductive health is a significant reason for healthcare spending. For patients exploring costly treatments such as IVF, finding the money to cover costs can be stressful. Access to affordable payment options can be a deciding factor when patients are choosing a reproductive medicine provider.

Veterinary  Payment Processing

For many, the health care of our pets is both a financial and emotional issue. Customizable wellness payment plans can ensure pets get the routine care they need. Flexible payment options can provide choices for families when an unexpected health event occurs.

Rectangle Health Payment Processing Advantages

Rectangle Health Guarantee

If you don’t see a dramatic reduction in accounts receivable balance after a few months of instituting our full program, we’ll take the entire system back at no charge to you.