Healthcare Franchise Partners

Healthcare Franchise Partners

We bolster value to your franchisees with white-labeled implementation and support.
Creating efficiency for your healthcare franchisees is the road to profitability and a successful business relationship – the heart of your business. We ensure each location has the support it needs to accept payments which are convenient for patients and easy for office staff to process and post. Plus, our optimized pricing and compliance support provide peace-of-mind that your organization is delivering the best possible value and liability protection. We help your bottom line with options such as recurring payments and payment plans to keep potential late payments on track and account receivables low.

A White-labeled Solution to Support Your Franchise Strategy

Each of your franchisees begins with a different level of experience. Some are already familiar with the inner workings of managing a medical office, while for others, it is an entirely new experience. Our specialized unit of account representatives will adapt to the unique needs of each location and deliver the level of service your franchisees expect. Additionally, our dedicated customer service team is available evenings and holidays, so there is always help-at-hand when needed. We implement gold-standard security measures and expertise to ensure your franchisees are protected. Our systems are continually monitored for fraud and tampering, and protected with antivirus software, firewalls and data protection methods such as encryption and tokenization.

Advantages for Franchisors:

  • Net Processing Revenue Share — provides your organization with residual monthly income at no cost to your franchisees.

  • Over 25 years of Specialized Healthcare Experience — Our specialized sales and implementation team understands the inherent complications of healthcare reimbursement.

  • Franchise-level Reporting — so you can track performance throughout your organization with visibility into location payment performance and analytics to spot overall trends.

  • Dedicated marketing support team — that creates and distributes a partnership announcement and provides ongoing content support for franchise communications.

Advantages for Franchisee:

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Rectangle Health Guarantee

If you don’t see a dramatic reduction in accounts receivable balance after a few months of instituting our full program, we’ll take the entire system back at no charge to you.