PCI Compliance

PCI  Compliance

The First Step in Safe and Secure Payment Processing

What it Means

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards is a set of policies and procedures that must be adhered to by any business accepting credit or debit cards for payment.  Designed to ensure uniform protection of cardholder data, PCI DSS governs a variety of areas in which to safeguard data, including:

  • Your office or practice location

  • All computers, including laptops and mobile devices

  • Employee training and access

  • Documented policies

  • Security services

While PCI DSS sets a baseline for security, it is not a one-stop solution.   Rather, security assurance an on-going process that can require annual, or even quarterly, testing and reporting.

Why it Matters

Many payment processors assess heavy fines or penalties to business customers that fail to prove that they meet PCI standards on a regular and ongoing basis.  If you haven’t paid careful attention to your credit card statement, you may already be paying these fees without even realizing it.

PCI compliance is not just a financial matter, however.  Demonstrating your compliance is an important way to show your patients that you care about the security of their personal information, and do everything in your power to protect it.

PCI compliance can also be an important first step in preparing for compliance with healthcare industry regulations such as HIPAA and SOX.

What We Can Do

Rectangle Health is your expert in the payments arena.  We stay on top of policy, and work diligently to support you through the often arduous and time-consuming compliance process.  With Rectangle Health, your POS systems will be safe from tampering; antivirus software and firewalls will be properly configured and installed; and system weaknesses will be detected.

  • Credit card numbers are not visible during the transaction

  • No data is stored on your computers or servers

  • Transactions meet compliance regulations, thereby removing your liability for any fraud that might occur

  • No quarterly scans or assessments are required

  • Card-on-file data is stored in a secure, encrypted vault

  • Significant back-up systems ensure on-going access to secure data

What You Should Do

Becoming and staying PCI compliant will help you stay compliant with HIPAA and SOX, avoid fines and penalties, and protect yourself from liability should fraud occur.  Ask Rectangle Health to assure your complete compliance today.

“We are an extremely busy optometric practice, and we are always very conscious of business costs.  We use a practice management software and couldn’t believe we could start updating payment directly into the patient ledger and securely keep patients credit card information on file.”

-Optometry Group, Bay Area

“We’re writing to show our appreciation for Rectangle Health.  Initially, I doubted some of the features that were promised, but you guys delivered.  The web payments and payment plans are easy. The ease of email receipts and vaulting cards are great for our Billing Department.  I would recommend any colleagues use your system without reservation.”

-OB/GYN Office, Grapevine Texas

“We have been very satisfied with the degree of customer service and professionalism we have received in the process of switching from our previous processing company to Rectangle Health.”

-Practice Manager, ENT & Audiology, Southlake Texas

“I had been told by many companies that they could integrate into our software, but once they came out and met with me, I could see they really could not do what they said…. Rectangle Health could not only seamlessly integrate with my software as they stated, but they could offer substantial savings each month.”

-Dental Office Manager, Southlake Texas

“We have been a Rectangle Health client for over 3 years now and we’re pleased to say they lived up to their word; from saving us hundreds of dollars in overall monthly fees to even going so far as to customize their online Practice Management Bridge for a special feature we requested.”

-Retina Consultant, Connecticut

“I would like to compliment Rectangle Health.  The customer service has been top notch and your representative is always quick to return our calls.  The payment software is great and has made collecting form our patients so easy.  We would recommend any medical practice to use Rectangle Health!”

-Chiropractic & Acupuncture, Denver, Colorado

“Since we started to use the program, we have had an immediate and noticeable improvement in patient payment at the time of treatment.  Transitioning to Practice Management Bridge has alleviated hours of extraneous work that was unavoidable with our previous retail terminal.  In addition to the invaluable improvements in our practice management, Rectangle Health has saved us money by lowering our processing rate.”

-Office Manager, Cosmetic Dentistry, Solana Beach, California

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