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Fraud & Protection

Fraud & Protection

Fraud and Protection.  Because PCI DSS Compliance Is Only a First Step

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What it Means

Though PCI DSS will help keep your network secure and limit physical access to your patients’ credit card data, you will need to take other measures to protect your enterprise from fraud.   It is safe to assume that, as PCI makes card-present fraud more difficult, data from online transactions will become more susceptible to hacking.  Criminals who understand the high value of payment information will never stop trying to overcome the hurdles we put in place.

Why it Matters

In 2017, 374 healthcare data breaches compromised over 5 million records.  In fact, healthcare payment systems are one of the top targets for cyber thieves.  But online theft is only one type of fraud.  Even something as simple as an employee losing a business laptop can put sensitive information in the hands of thieves.

Losing patient information to theft or hacking can be an extremely costly proposition, not only financially but in the critical areas of reputation management and patient relationships.  While it can take some time and expense to assure the security of your patients’ data, the benefits will far outweigh the cost.

What We Can Do

Rectangle Health specializes in safety and security for healthcare enterprises & medical payment data security.  We offer basic protections such as address verification, as well as the most advanced technologies to ensure maximum protection for practices of all sizes.

What You Should Do

As healthcare technology evolves, maintaining security becomes increasingly essential.  Some things to look for:

  • Card-not-present transactions are processed via a secure online gateway

  • Card-on-file information for recurring payments is stored in a secure, cloud-based vault, and never on your servers

  • CVV numbers are required on every transaction to ensure cardholder legitimacy

  • Basic protections such as address verification are always used

  • Encryption and tokenization add an additional layer of protection

“We are an extremely busy optometric practice, and we are always very conscious of business costs.  We use a practice management software and couldn’t believe we could start updating payment directly into the patient ledger and securely keep patients credit card information on file.”

-Optometry Group, Bay Area

“We’re writing to show our appreciation for Rectangle Health.  Initially, I doubted some of the features that were promised, but you guys delivered.  The web payments and payment plans are easy. The ease of email receipts and vaulting cards are great for our Billing Department.  I would recommend any colleagues use your system without reservation.”

-OB/GYN Office, Grapevine Texas

“We have been very satisfied with the degree of customer service and professionalism we have received in the process of switching from our previous processing company to Rectangle Health.”

-Practice Manager, ENT & Audiology, Southlake Texas

“I had been told by many companies that they could integrate into our software, but once they came out and met with me, I could see they really could not do what they said…. Rectangle Health could not only seamlessly integrate with my software as they stated, but they could offer substantial savings each month.”

-Dental Office Manager, Southlake Texas

“We have been a Rectangle Health client for over 3 years now and we’re pleased to say they lived up to their word; from saving us hundreds of dollars in overall monthly fees to even going so far as to customize their online Practice Management Bridge for a special feature we requested.”

-Retina Consultant, Connecticut

“I would like to compliment Rectangle Health.  The customer service has been top notch and your representative is always quick to return our calls.  The payment software is great and has made collecting form our patients so easy.  We would recommend any medical practice to use Rectangle Health!”

-Chiropractic & Acupuncture, Denver, Colorado

“Since we started to use the program, we have had an immediate and noticeable improvement in patient payment at the time of treatment.  Transitioning to Practice Management Bridge has alleviated hours of extraneous work that was unavoidable with our previous retail terminal.  In addition to the invaluable improvements in our practice management, Rectangle Health has saved us money by lowering our processing rate.”

-Office Manager, Cosmetic Dentistry, Solana Beach, California

Rectangle Health Guarantee

If you don’t see a dramatic reduction in accounts receivable balance after a few months of instituting our full program, we’ll take the entire system back at no charge to you.