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The Tools Your Practice Needs and the Payment Options Your Patients Want

Get your practice’s profitability in S.H.A.P.E. with our simple, safe, and secure payment solution.

  • Offer the latest contactless payment options, including online, mobile, text, and tap-to-pay
  • Spend less time sending bills, following up, and posting payments
  • Store payments securely in a HIPAA-compliant solution
  • Install and implement Practice Management Bridge® easily

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Rectangle Health’s Practice Management Bridge is here to help S.H.A.P.E. up your practice’s payment process. It’s a safe and secure payment solution that helps practices get paid faster and easier, while also improving patient satisfaction.

Practice Management Bridge gives patients the convenient, contactless payment experience that they want with features like text-to-pay and 24/7 online payments.

Practices benefit by giving patients control of their payments – they receive payments faster, and office staff spends less time sending and following up on bills.

Click on the sections below to take the S.H.A.P.E. checkup. When you’re ready to take the next step with Rectangle Health, be sure to schedule a Practice Management Bridge demo.

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S: Safety & Security

Does your practice offer patients secure, contactless ways to pay?

Practice Management Bridge is an all-in-one secure system that protects patient information and keeps patients and staff safe with contactless payment options– including online payments, text-to-pay, and the latest tap-to-pay card and mobile device payments.

H: Healthcare Focused

Does your practice’s payment software understand the healthcare industry?

Rectangle Health is fully HIPAA-compliant and has partnered exclusively with healthcare providers for over 25 years. Practice Management Bridge is designed to solve the unique billing and payment challenges that healthcare providers face.

A: Accounts Receivable Reduction

Does your practice have a healthy ratio of cashflow to outstanding balances?

Practice Management Bridge enables practices to accept every form of payment at every point of the care cycle, so that you can receive more payments and reconcile balances faster. When you partner with Rectangle Health, you also gain access to an expert payment process consultant.

P: Payment Solutions

Does your practice give patients the convenient payment experience they want?

Practice Management Bridge accepts all forms of payment, including contactless payment technology, and gives patients the option to pay 24/7 online. Your practice can even give patients payment flexibility for out-of-pocket costs by setting up recurring payments and payment plans with securely stored payment information.

E: Efficient Practice Management

Does your practice have a billing and payment process that saves the office time and money?

Practice Management Bridge interfaces with any existing practice management system, meaning front desk staff only has to enter payment information once and can post to the patient ledger with just a few clicks. By accepting all forms of digital payments, including contactless and online payments, office staff spends less time sending bills and following up on payments.

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