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09. 22. 21

Today’s dental patient is a discerning customer who is expecting a rapid yet significant interaction with their dentist. This expectation includes a smooth, primarily digital, patient journey with payment options that mirror everyday consumer purchases. For dentists, an enhanced patient experience has quickly become a motivating factor to implement digital payment solutions. We will discuss how the more digital the experience, the more effortless the patient journey becomes resulting in a more appealing practice.

Learning Objectives

What today’s dental patients want

  • As patients are increasing their in-office interactions, they desire improved experiences. Research indicates that most want the time-saving digital tools that make their in-office interactions more valuable and care-focused.
  • Patients want to pay their bills. They want to understand what they will owe, need options to finance their care, and are willing to make arrangements to do so – even prior to coming into the office for treatment.
  • Patients will pay their balances due through online solutions including via website, mobile phone, or as a response to text message. This will accelerate the rate at which the practice gets paid for services rendered.
  • Patients want access to payment plans. Dentists have a great opportunity to capture recurring revenue by presenting payment options to patients. We’ll discuss how the prevalent retail trend of “Buy Now, Pay Later,”, is a mainstream consumerism effect impacting the healthcare industry.

What today’s dental practices need to overcome

  • The fear of change is real, but this shouldn’t prevent taking steps to simplify lives of staff and patients. The challenge is to address any reluctance to learn new routines versus the pay-off of implementing new routines and offerings.
  • Research shows that even loyal patients will consider changing providers due to lack of satisfactory digital experiences.
  • Patients will adopt up-to-date methods of interaction

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Patients like payment simplicity, let’s give them what they want!
Wednesday, September 22, 2021 | 7:00 PM ET


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