Cost Containment Group

This New York based health insurance broker experienced 300% growth while reducing staff.

“The medical industry is volatile, and always changing. Rectangle Health brings clarity and innovation to the industry.”

-Chief Operating Officer, CCG

Cost Containment Group was founded in 1993 as a discount dental network focused on extraordinary customer service. Since then, CCG has grown multi-fold and focuses on dental, vision, chiropractic, and holistic care – all at a discounted price.

CCG’s Patriot Health Agency works with numerous insurance carriers who provide for basic needs in the form of Sickness and Accident Plans and create customized plans using best-in-niche carriers and networks for your needs.

Payments paid on a periodic basis for various needs might include:

  • Doctor visits

  • Hospital stays

  • ER visits

  • Surgeries

  • And more

CCG was in need of a new payment processing company that could keep up with the changing landscape of medical insurance, unprecedented growth, an ongoing commitment to customer service, and a need for innovation to remain competitive. That’s when and why CCG switched to Rectangle Health.

With Rectangle Health as its partner, CCG has increased cost competitiveness and compliance, in large part, through standardizing processes and having the lowest fees available. CCG’s previous payment platform could process $7M a month with reconciliation. Now, with Rectangle, CCG confidently processes in excess of $19M a month because they are now able to process individual payments.  With real-time reconciliation and reporting, CCG can view a snapshot of all payments, by individual, at any time during the month. Members see customized credit card and ACH descriptors on statements so they can identify the reason for the payment. Members also benefit from interactive member communications like multiple charge attempts and credit card expiration reminder emails.  As a result, CCG has been able to grow over 300% while reducing the number of customer service inquiries and decreasing staff.

CCG also recognizes Rectangle’s strengths in risk mitigation, security, advanced technology, and ability to provide the highest customer satisfaction as part of their recent growth and success.

Rectangle Health Guarantee

If you don’t see a dramatic reduction in accounts receivable balance after a few months of instituting our full program, we’ll take the entire system back at no charge to you.