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Rectangle Health's purpose in the healthcare industry.

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Our Experience

Rectangle Health provides unrivaled technology solutions exclusively to healthcare professionals since 1993. It is our ongoing mission to serve the ever-evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

Our Philosophy

Our user experience is of the mindset – the simpler, the better. Our cutting-edge technology interfaces fluently with the daily workflows of healthcare offices to organize and improve practice revenue cycle management. We provide a bridge between patients and providers, enhancing the overall office experience while increasing the bottom line.

Our Services

We got our start as a credit card processing program for medical and dental offices, growing to be so much more than just card swipes. Today, Rectangle Health is a premier financial technology company that meets the needs of any healthcare practice or organization with software solutions, including payment tools, patient financing, and compliance training.

Our Success

Rectangle Health is one of the leading companies for healthcare technology solutions. Focusing on challenges and opportunities in the industry, we work with 60,000+ healthcare providers in the U.S., reliably processing over $6 billion annually in patient payments. Our clients report that our software is easy to use and rave about our exceptional support.

Our Commitment

Throughout our history, our commitment to innovation has enabled us to solve existing operational problems in the healthcare industry and helped us anticipate what providers will need to thrive. Rectangle Health’s aim has always been to support practitioners in all aspects of their administrative cycle with user-friendly technology that allows them to focus on delivering exceptional patient experiences.

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Our vision

Healthy practices make healthy patients.

All people should have a great healthcare experience. We help providers deliver the best possible care for their patients by developing technology to ease their workplace stress.

Our mission

Simplify the business side of healthcare.

Our innovative, easy-to-use technology equips healthcare operations to run efficiently and profitably. We power healthcare organizations with the tools they need to thrive economically, improve the patient-provider relationship, and ease administrative and billing processes.

Our values

Rectangle Health CARES

These guiding principles represent our values:

Champion client success.
Act with integrity and purpose.
Respect the healthcare community.
Excel at everything we do.
Shape what’s possible.

Rectangle Health CARES is not just an acronym for our core values; it represents what we care about in real life and support in the modern world. As we have proven for decades within the healthcare industry, Rectangle Health is here to make things easier for practices and patients, facilitating the highest level of care and healthier outcomes.

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Why we CARE

Our company’s history of helping the healthcare industry.

When Rectangle Health stepped into the healthcare industry, we were primarily focused on capturing payments in the office. We offered a credit card terminal in which patients would swipe (this was long before insert or tap) their credit card to pay, and leave the office.

Yet we didn’t stop there. Our team saw a huge gap where we knew we could help improve several front-end office processes. We created a pathway for providers to use Practice Management Bridge® to expand payments to include chip credit cards, virtual wallets, and even QR codes, allowing them to get paid faster and improve their bottom line.

And we took it even further. Often, patients delay receiving needful care due to financial issues. To us, everyone should be able to afford healthcare, regardless of their financial situation. This is why we created our patient financing program, so providers can make it easier for patients to receive timely care.

Why do we care? Because it is our honor to help those who help us. We recognize that providers didn’t get into the industry to worry about administrative tasks, payment collection, or office compliance. They did so to care for others. And we know that when providers are allowed to focus fully on care, they deliver elevated experiences and the best outcomes for patients. That’s why our technology solutions allow practitioners and office staff to focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional care. Adhering to our core values, Rectangle Health cares about healthcare providers and their patients.

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