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Since 1993, Rectangle Health has made a difference in the healthcare industry with solutions that enable practices to better serve their patients.


Rectangle Health CARES is our company-wide initiative, which expresses our commitment to bettering healthcare, as well as our local and global communities. We believe that healthcare should be accessible to all, and it is our mission to help make that happen.

How we serve

On April 28, 2022, we celebrated Rectangle Health Day and launched our Rectangle CARES initiative. In collaboration with Heart to Heart International, Rectangle Health’s teams in Valhalla, New York, and Las Vegas, Nevada, helped assemble hygiene kits to be distributed globally to those in need. Over 1,000 kits were produced in 8 hours as part of this fantastic initiative.

We continue to strive to be the leaders in healthcare technology, with compassion and care, as we work to serve as partners to the community.

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Honoring our Hometown Healthcare Heroes

Throughout 2022, Rectangle Health is recognizing local practices and practitioners who are special to us – our Hometown Healthcare Heroes!

Visit and follow our social channels as we share the incredible stories of healthcare professionals in communities across the country, going above and beyond their responsibilities in providing care.

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Women's Equality DayCelebrating Women’s Equality Day

In 2022, Rectangle Health celebrated Women’s Equality Day, where we focused the spotlight on interviewing women about how being a working woman affects them within their careers. These women share advice for young women starting in the workforce, why they are passionate about women’s rights, and how Rectangle Health empowers them to be the most successful version of themselves.

Follow our social channels and check out our podcast to listen to these incredible interviews.

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Today, we recognize #hometownhealthcareheroes, Dr. Lida Vargas and the team at Virginia Dental Group.

Dr. Vargas has been recognized as an honorary member of "Who is Who in Dental Professionals" and "Northern Virginia Top Doctors."

This #dentalpractice helps their patients achieve beautiful and healthy smiles and is known for their welcoming and comfortable setting.

We thank you for your years of exceptional service and care for the Fairfax, Virginia community.

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September is #OfficeManagerAppreciation month!

Rectangle Health celebrates the #AwesomeOM's for the dedication and compassion they bring to the practice each day. Thank you for helping patients through their #care journeys and playing an integral role in the success of #healthcarepractices.

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Today, we take you to Tulsa, Oklahoma 📌 and introduce you to #hometownhealthcareheroes Dr. Kyle Shannon and his team at Shannon Orthodontics.

This #orthodontic practice has developed a reputation around the city not only for the care they provide, but how they provide it.

When it comes to delivering treatment, Shannon Orthodontics is super flexible, as one patient stated, "Not once, but twice, Dr. Shannon met us to make adjustments on days the office was not open."

Rectangle Health thanks you for going above and beyond to ensure patients are healthy and pain-free.

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Today, Rectangle Health honors those whose family, friends, and lives have been affected by cancer. We stand up alongside the medical professionals and patients battling every day to defeat this disease.

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Dr. Gina Ostrand, of Ostrand Family Dentistry is known not only for providing exceptional #dental work, but her incredible level of love ❤️ of her patients.

Ask around in Pewaukee, Wisconsin and you will quickly learn that when there is an emergency, you call Dr. Ostrand. Her practice consistently extends hours to ensure patients are met and treated – from routine to high-priority care.

Rectangle Health thanks you and your entire team for your dedication and unrelenting commitment as #hometownhealthcareheroes in making sure everyone gets the care they need.

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We are excited to share a special edition of The Rectangle Health Podcast with you all! Listen in, as members of our team share their #professional journeys and #personalexperiences as women in the workforce. ✨ [Link in bio] ✨
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On #WomensEqualityDay, Rectangle Health celebrates the monumental #achievements of #womenleaders of the past and present. We are committed to empowering our team and community of #trailblazers to reach new heights now and in the future. Be sure to check back at 12PM ET today as we will be sharing a very special #podcast episode highlighting the accomplishments and stories of female leaders within our organization.

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We're wrapping up the week sharing BIG SMILES 😃 from the #hometownhealthcareheroes of @loudoundentalsmiles!

Dr. Christy Cowell and team always dedicate extra time to understand the unique needs and personal healthcare requirements of each patient. This personalized touch makes every dental visit feel like more than just another appointment for their grateful clients.

Thank you to the enthusiastic and attentive staff of Loudon Dental Smiles for making your patients smile along with you.

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We are thrilled to introduce you all to Dr. John Badolato – a true team player in and out of the office.

Dr. Badolato is a cosmetic dentist in the great state of Arizona, home on the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. His commitment to creating smiles is seen here, as he treats the famous Suns Gorilla.

Partnering with Suns shooting guard Devin Booker, Dr. Badolato will be providing free dental services for athletes in the Special Olympics for the next 10 years!

As an inspiration at work and in the community, we applaud and thank you for your generosity and goodwill.

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When you visit @baxtervet, you immediately feel the tremendous love, attention, and patience these #hometownhealthcareheroes give to their pet patients and clients.

They provide a ‘fear free’ environment to reduce fear and stress in pets and ensure the visit goes smooth for the whole family. Calming an anxious pet is a specialty of theirs and you’ll often hear clients say they never see a specific doctor at the clinic because each of them is amazing!

Giving a voice to the voiceless, the team at this clinic are true advocates for the precious pets and animals they treat.

We are grateful and humbled to have the opportunity to recognize you!
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The #hometownhealthcareheroes of @nygreatsmiles are a family owned and operated practice that go out of their way to make their patients feel at home.

Their work in providing exceptional care is matched by their commitment to ensuring patient care and comfort. Office Manager Annette greets everyone that walks through their doors with a warm welcome and reassuring guidance that puts their patients minds at ease.

We are touched by your level of compassion and the smiles you share with your patients and community.

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@medcor.professionals is a family-owned small business in Maine with HUGE HERO hearts and a passion for supporting their community!

These #healthcareheroes routinely volunteer to serve meals at a local senior center, offer free mobility workshops and education seminars, aa well as sponsor local youth sports.

Their pain management solutions are pill-free, as they stand in fight against the opioid epidemic.

We thank you and applaud your efforts in continuous community support and in promoting safe and healthy care plans for patients.
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"You don't need a reason to help people." - Dr. Liliana Stojic

Dr. Stojic owns a dental practice in Sacramento, California where she serves her community with exceptional care. Her commitment to helping people as much as she can is evident in the work she does with the Sustainable Health Empowerment Program.

Once a year, she visits regions of the world where dental care is not readily available and treats patients in need at no cost.

Dr. Stojic, we are so greatly moved by your passion for serving those within your community and around the world.

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Today, we recognize a selfless and compassionate individual. When Kate Fennell is not at her full-time job, she dedicates her free time to volunteering as an EMT.

Recently, Kate was recognized and awarded for her role in saving a life! Her passion for caring for people is clear when you have the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Kate.

You are a hero and we are honored to have the opportunity to share your story.

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We're kicking off the week with the #hometownhealthcareheroes of @Reform_Physical_Therapy!

With locations across the state of Maine, their focus on providing safe, healthy, and quick rehabilitation for their patients is evident from the moment you enter one of their practices. Their approach to treatment goes beyond addressing a single injury or pain. This patient-focused physical therapy team develops a holistic care plan that ensures their clients long-term comfort.

We applaud your concentrated efforts, day in and day out, to enable your patients to get back to doing the things they love, pain-free and with ease.
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Today's #hometownhealthcareheroes are the team from @securedenturesandimplants! This special group gives the gift of a smile and confidence to each client they treat.

It is common to see patients come out of procedures with new smiles shining bright and big hugs for Clinic Manager, Macy Matheson.
We applaud you for the life-changing work you do, and the impact you've had on the lives of so many.

#hometownhealthcareheroes #shapingwhatspossible #rectanglehealthcares

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This month, @rectanglehealth recognizes local practices and practitioners who are special to us – our Hometown Healthcare Heroes! We are excited to fill our feed with their incredible stories. Today, we celebrate Dr. Kristin Lawson and Dr. Michael McCoy of @just4kidspediatricdentistry. Putting big smiles on little faces, Just for Kids Pediatric Dentistry creates a positive experience for each child.

Active in their local community, they hold quarterly art contests, patient appreciation days, food and toy drives, as well as sponsor local sports teams and events, donate supplies, and educate at outreach events. They also support organizations like the Maine Children's Cancer program and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
We applaud you for giving back to your community, strengthening its culture, and caring for its children!

#hometownhealthcareheroes #shapingwhatspossible #rectanglehealthcares

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April 28 marked our first official #RectangleHealthDay! To celebrate, our teams came together to give back to those in need by assembling over 1,000 hygiene kits with Heart to Heart International. We also introduced @rectanglehealth CARES, which stands as an active extension of our corporate values.

We are committed to:

💙 Championing client success
🧡 Acting with purpose and integrity
💙Respecting the healthcare community
🧡Excelling at everything we do
💙Shaping what's possible

We encourage you all to follow along as we utilize our platform to make a difference in our community. #shapingwhatspossible #rectanglehealthcares

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