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Making patient payment management seamless for orthodontists

Payment processing and billing are integral parts of managing orthodontics practices, and having an effective system in place for navigating requirements is key to optimizing your facility’s operations. As medical service costs continue to rise and insurance covers less, orthodontists receive more payments directly from patients, requiring extra vigilance and consistency in managing payments.

At Rectangle Health, we know your practice can face challenges ranging from patient compliance issues to tracking and reporting complications. Our goal is to minimize your challenges and make payment management seamless for your practice.

Our Practice Management Bridge® system helps decrease payment time with an integrated platform that is user-friendly for your office and patients. We provide the capabilities you need to optimize your day-to-day workflow, from options for online and contactless payments to advanced tracking and reporting capabilities.

With our services, you can balance your accounts, help your staff accomplish more and build trust with your patients. Implementing our technology can bring multiple benefits to your operations, including:

  • Minimized waste
    You can make efficient use of your resources and obtain top productivity when you use our platform to organize billing administration and reporting.
  • More cost-effective options
    Reduced manual work and processing times mean you can consistently save on operational costs.
  • Decreased manual work
    With our solutions to handle tracking requirements, your entire team will have less manual work to address in daily operations.
  • Enhanced usability
    Intuitive interfaces and accessible functionality makes paying bills more convenient and straightforward for patients and offices.

When you work with Rectangle Health, you can dramatically reduce your accounts receivable balance and navigate changing requirements in the orthodontics field with confidence. With our platform to simplify payment management needs, you can better focus on what’s most important — caring for your patients. With 27 years of experience serving healthcare institutions and a continued engagement with the latest technological solutions, we consistently provide innovations that prioritize your practice’s needs.

Orthondist Payment Processing

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Accept more payments Improve communication & office efficiency

Text to Pay

Send patients a text message, right from Practice Management Bridge, with their balance and a payment link. Using the link, patients can pay quickly and easily from their phones on a mobile-friendly checkout page. Text to Pay puts a convenient payment option right at patients’ fingertips.

Contactless capabilities

Offer the latest contactless payment options, including tap-to-pay cards and digital wallets like Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, and Google Pay. Contactless payments continue to gain popularity as a safe and convenient option, and accepting them at your practice creates a positive payment experience and increases the likelihood of receiving payments at the time of care.

Card on File

Place a card on file for a secure, convenient way for patients to pay, and an effective way for providers to ensure payment. When patients place their preferred payment method on file in the secure vault, it means one less step during future check-outs and a step towards a streamlined office experience. Card on File also makes additional consumer-friendly payment options possible, like recurring payments and payment plans (Care Now, Pay Later), that make it easier for patients to pay and that automate and expand provider opportunities to receive payment.

Flexible payment plans (Care Now, Pay Later)

Reproductive medical care can be both a financial and emotional issue for patients. The option to use a payment plan can make the difference in whether or not patients choose to pursue care. Working with patients to break balances up into manageable payments also ensures that your practice continues to generate cash flow, rather than waiting on a lump sum. Practice Management Bridge has built-in technology to make it simple to create and set up flexible, automatic payment plans that benefit both the patient and your office.

Online payments

Make it easy for patients to pay 24/7 at their convenience with a payment link on your practice or organization’s website. Our online payment tool looks and functions as an extension of your website, and you will receive a custom URL to share with patients in emails, text messages, and statements.


Practice Management Bridge interfaces with your practice management system to post payments directly to the patient ledger, making it easier to manage disparate systems and keeping accurate patient information in sync.

Digital patient registration

Cut down on waiting room time by sending patients a link to digital registration forms before their visit. Offering patients digital registration forms is a way to improve patient satisfaction with their visits to your office, save staff the time and effort of inputting written data into their system, and to ensure that the accuracy of information is maintained.

Customizable messages

Reach patients directly by text message with appointment reminders, outreach, billing notifications, and more. In Practice Management Bridge, you can customize text messages and send them to patients directly from your workstation.

43% of patients would automate payments to avoid repetitive manual data entry in the office and online.1

The Value of Patient Self-Service

Find out why now, more than ever, patients have come to expect options for convenience, safety, and security in all of their transactions.

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1Of 2,000 patients surveyed in The Healthcare Payment Experience, January 2021, produced by PYMNTS.com and Rectangle Health.

Security is our priority.

Rectangle Health securely stores healthcare payment information, protecting both your practice and patients with today’s highest standards for compliance and PCI.