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Collect premiums from policyholders more easily.

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Offering custom solutions for insurance carriers, employers, and agents

Rectangle Health benefits carriers, employers, and agents by collecting premiums from payers through credit card payments. We can help your policyholders protect their valuable coverage with automated payments. People depend on their health insurance coverage. During times of illness or stress, it can sometimes be a challenge for people to remember to pay monthly insurance premiums. However, on-time premium payments are essential to ensure there are no lapses in coverage when your members need it most.

Rectangle Health’s premium payment processing solution:

  • Encourages members to make timely payments to keep their policies valid
  • Assists organizations in receiving payments to keep member accounts current
  • Customizes to the unique needs of insurance carriers, private employers, and individual agents
  • Allows for optimized premium payment options that include frequency of payment, account type, and notification preferences

Improve timely premium collection and increase policyholder satisfaction

Not only does our system improve collections and drastically reduce the chances of lapsing coverage, but it also raises policyholder satisfaction with best-in-class customer support. Expiration reminder emails are sent to members when credit card information needs to be updated. And, we make every effort to collect payment. Our system will run a declined credit card on file up to three times; if unsuccessful, we will immediately let the member know there is a problem with payment that may affect their coverage. Plus, our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to answer questions and help your policyholders make payments.

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Reduce chances of lapsing coverage with communication and collection tools.

Your Organization For Policyholders
  • Payments posted to the system of record in real-time and detailed reporting of deposits and credits by settlement date.
  • Insurance carriers can collect payments directly from individual policyholders, facilitating participation in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other marketplace exchanges.
  • Employers can simplify payroll by eliminating premium deductions. Enroll employees for member plans through agent enrollment or self-enrollment. When enrolling, employees can identify a second form of payment to help secure their coverage.
  • Agents benefit from a system that interfaces with any enrollment engine. Work with multiple insurance carriers simultaneously and offer a range of payment options from point-of-sale to entire system development. Rectangle Health can collect premiums and reconcile with insurers and their banks.
  • Policyholders become protected from lapsed coverage, as recurrent payments and card-on-file options ensure premiums are paid on time and in full. There are no surprises at the provider’s office from denied claims due to lack of coverage.
  • Paper bills are not sent out to policyholders. Communication is done online or by phone, eliminating the wasted time and resources of snail mail.
  • Members see customized credit card or ACH descriptors on their statement, so each payment is easily identified.
  • In times of stress or illness, premium payments are made, and insurance coverage continues uninterrupted, giving policyholders additional peace of mind.
78% of group practice patients use debit and credit cards to pay for their visits, but less than 25% pay their bills on their providers’ websites.1

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1Of 2,000 patients surveyed in The Healthcare Innovation Playbook, January 2021, produced by and Rectangle Health.