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It’s been said that technology removes the human aspect of care, but the opposite is often true. Technology can make the financial portion of healthcare a more user-friendly experience, connecting practices to their patients in a much more significant way than traditional paper-based and phone-oriented follow-up conversations.

Healthcare technology enhances payment experiences by expediting payment processing with automation, offering financial flexibility, and reducing uncomfortable monetary conversations that can strain patient – provider relationships. Another advantage of submitting payments through digital platforms is greater security, superseding traditional payment methods that can be subject to disruptive data breaches.

Rectangle Health’s digital payment and engagement solutions enable healthcare practitioners and staff to take care of patients in a faster, easier, and more secure way. Our solutions exemplify how technology humanizes and secures the payment experience to ease the healthcare payment journey for all. There is no need for your practice to chase payments anymore, helping you preserve patient loyalty and goodwill.

Accessing better care experiences through technology

Often, we spend time searching for answers on our own, not always recognizing when we need to ask for help. It can be a challenge when we anticipate that there will be tension involved in seeking treatment for the care we want and need. Along with trepidation about the outcome of an appointment, financial responsibility can also be a murky area of this experience that can cause stress.

At Rectangle Health, we strive to reduce the tension associated with paying for healthcare, so patients can focus on healing and practitioners can provide care to and foster a meaningful bond with those they treat.

Our Practice Management Bridge® is a payment platform that interfaces seamlessly with your current EMR system, allowing your practice to easily track, manage, report, and capture patient payment information.

With our solution you can:

Simplifying the payment process before, during, and after the point of care, Practice Management Bridge helps practices realize more revenue. Your practice can forge and maintain better connections with patients through this easy-to-implement platform.

A healthcare payment solution that enables—and empowers—us

The anxiety—and even fear—that often come along with seeking care can be drivers for delaying these visits, as can the cost of care. We can be distracted by the burden of financial obligation, causing us to put our health on the back burner.

At Rectangle Health, we believe that a visit to healthcare practitioner should be as smooth of an experience as possible. That’s why Practice Management Bridge, exists, to ease the payment journey for both patients and practices and to allow patients to focus on being fully present during their visit and what they need to do post-care. Our Practice Management Bridge platform includes features, like Text to Pay, online payments, Card on File, and patient financing, that solve communication and payment issues to facilitate greater connection between practices and patients.

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