Restoring Operations to Maximize Safety and Revenue

tooth in hand

Dental providers need to be ready to meet the heightened patient expectations for safety and efficiency in the post COVID-19 healthcare environment.  Those who embrace technology that enables more routine administrative functions to be performed remotely and minimizes face-to-face contact will become the providers of choice.

There are several ways to do this.  First look to your billing and payments processes.  Accepting contactless payments, such as Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay™, which eliminate contact with payment terminals, will be essential.  Being able to bill and collect payments remotely as well will result in less time and contact with the front desk and billing office, reduced postage and labor costs, and improved efficiencies.  Finally, offering flexible payment plans so that patients will not have to delay treatment due to financial hardship will instill patient loyalty.

Next, you’ll want to reduce or eliminate waiting room time.  Examine your registration process: if patients must use shared pens, clipboards, or bulky registration devices, then it’s time turn the registration process into a remote experience allowing patients to use their own device to pre-register in the comfort of their own home.  Also ensure that your office is text-enabled to give patients freedom to wait in their cars until the dentist is ready to see them.  This will reduce waiting time by more than half.

Making these small but impactful changes to your practice now will result in smoother operations, cost savings, and higher patient satisfaction.