Reboot your Data – Part 3

3 Ways to Reboot your Office’s Healthcare Technology 2020

Identify Healthcare technology tools to improve practice processes

Business strategist and entrepreneur, Tony Robbins, says, “where focus goes, energy flows.” Once you’ve obtained, analyzed and understand the story of the data that represents key metrics to your practice, energy builds toward the area for improvement.

Take inventory of what’s in your practice’s toolkit.

Often improvement can be realized through technology. Embracing technology will satisfy today’s patient and it also offers opportunities to combat profit margin compression. Leveraging innovative solutions, such as telehealth services or digitalizing patient intake forms, can boost patient satisfaction having a direct effect on the practice’s bottom line. For example, adding healthcare technology tools, expanding payment acceptance methods or automating outdated processes can positively reshape the practice’s revenue.

Identification and implementation yield positive change and enhancements.

Stephen Few, a data visualization expert said, “Numbers have an important story to tell. They rely on you to give them a clear and convincing voice.” The important part about data storytelling is context. When you provide the context, the data story takes shape and comes to life. Add graphs and charts and it becomes visual. Show it over time, in concept or sequence, but it’s the context that draws the audience in, provides the value, and makes the point memorable.

Knowledge, through the use of data, is game changing.

Reporting and data accessibility mean practices no longer have to guess or be satisfied with ‘what is’. Practices can make changes to enhance patient care and make critical business decisions. Obtaining, analyzing and working with data allows us to deepen our level of vision and direction becomes clear.

By gathering the right information from the right sources and putting it to good use, the practice has the power to make the lives of the staff and patients the best they can be.

We hope you enjoyed this series, check back soon for more helpful tips on how to upgrade your technology and put data to work for you!