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06. 24. 20

Three key statistics show how important technology is to the patient experience

Many dental offices have put COVID-19 practices in place to accommodate patients as they come back to the office and ensure that they meet the requirements of a new healthcare landscape, regulations, and patient expectations. Tasked with creating safer environments for their staff and patients, dental offices are also trying to rebound financially and recover lost revenue from the slowdown of operations.

Here are statistics that show the importance of embracing a new way of connecting with your patients to ensure a positive experience.

50% of patients expect their healthcare practitioner to have digital capabilities. -Accenture, 2019 Digital Health Consumer Survey

In the era of social distancing, every touchpoint where contact can be reduced is worthy of careful consideration. Technology that automates routine administrative functions and can be performed remotely should be explored. The right technology can reduce in-person interactions between staff and patients, eliminate the risks posed by shared contact with paper documents, payment terminal equipment, and accepting mobile and online payments.

70% of patients would be more likely to choose a provider that offers text reminders. -Accenture, 2019 Digital Health Consumer Survey

The waiting room is a thing of the past. To create a seamless, digital patient experience, it will be important that dental office’s front desk staff have communication capabilities that allow patients to wait in the comfort of their own car or outside the building until the office is ready for them to come in.

A bad digital experience could sway up to 50% of patients to go elsewhere. -Accenture, 2019 Digital Health Consumer Survey

Practitioners are increasingly relying on virtual communication, digital registration, and upfront payment tools to ensure a smooth patient experience. Look for a technology provider that can help reduce administrative time and create a more contactless experience that improves office flow and puts patients’ minds at ease. Practitioners must carefully evaluate and make changes to the areas with the greatest influence and financial impact on overall operations: payment, patient registration, and collections.


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